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Tourism & Hospitality


The main objective of the tourism and hospitality industry, which includes a wide range of commercial operations, is to meet the demands of travellers. It comprises all establishments giving services to tourists, as well as hotels and other lodging options, marketing and planning firms, and tourism-related businesses.

The tourism and hospitality industries encompass a wide range of occupations, including tour guides who lead tourists on excursions and sightseeing visits, tour operators and travel agency staff who plan vacations and make vacation bookings, as well as sommeliers. A few of the occupations involved in these industries are holiday representatives, holiday couriers, resort staff, and sommeliers.

A professional diploma in hospitality or tourism is the fundamental requirement to work in the hospitality industry, whether in a hospitality establishment like a hotel, vacation resort, or holiday village, where possible roles include waiter, room attendant, receptionist, and food and beverage manager, or in some other tourist-related role.

Candidates who want to improve their work prospects can enrol in specialized courses in the web marketing for tourism, meeting, conference, and event management, travel management, destination management, and hospitality management.

Tourism hotspots often have the highest concentration of job openings in the hospitality and tourism sectors. These could be found along the ocean, in ski resorts, or in other well-known places.

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