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Skills & Trade Industry


In the skills and trade industry, professionals with high levels of technical skill and knowledge who use their hands to install, maintain, and repair objects are known as skilled workers and artisans.

Machines may also be used by artisans and skilled labourers. However, the fact that they mostly involve manual labour sets their approaches apart from those employed in industrial mass production and manufacturing.

A vast variety of crafts and professions are included in the skilled trades sector. While some skilled craftsmen and artisans produce very utilitarian goods, like plumbers, gardeners, painters, and decorators, others, like goldsmiths, cabinet makers, and tailors, produce creative craft items.

Their primary distinguishing characteristic is the practical and manual abilities needed to practice these trades. The entry routes typically involve some form of technical education followed by on-the-job training, typically through an apprenticeship, with new recruits learning the trade and acquiring all the necessary skills by observing more seasoned colleagues.

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