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Science Industry


The science industry includes a wide range of academic fields, including social sciences as well as STEM fields like math, physics, chemistry, and biology.

Molecular biology, genetics, ecology, botany, material sciences, nuclear physics, cultural anthropology, political economy, and many more disciplines of speciality are all subsets of each of these topics.

Pure or theoretical science and practical (or experimental) science are two divisions of the sciences. Experimental science is interested in the practical application of pure science concepts, using scientific knowledge to solve practical and research problems and develop new technologies and innovative applications. Pure science deals with abstract concepts and the development of scientific theories.

Research and study are the main responsibilities of scientists and professionals in the science industry. Therefore, the outcomes of their research efforts are then applied positively to impact the economy and society at large.

Each year, chemists, biologists, doctors, mathematicians, psychologists, economists, and linguists do research and development that leads to new patents. That enables the industry to develop technology and applications that have a positive influence on life, health, and the environment.

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