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An important sector of the economy that deals with the sale of products to consumers are the retail industry. Retailers buy large amounts of products from wholesalers, which they then resell in smaller quantities to the end user. Retailers are the last link in the supply chain between producers and consumers. Retailers occasionally sell products that they make themselves.

Retail professionals perform a wide range of other duties in addition to conducting sales, such as setting up products on shelves, in display cases, and in store windows, interacting with customers, handling cash and credit card transactions, and executing promotional and marketing campaigns to increase sales.

Cashiers (or check-out operators), sales assistants, window dressers, and visual merchandisers are typical positions in the retail industry. Store managers and supermarket managers are among the more senior retail professionals that are in charge of overseeing the daily operations of sales outlets and making sure they are profitable.

There might be a wide range of training requirements for jobs in the retail industry. Entry-level jobs like shelf stacker and sales assistant don’t need any special training, but management and coordinating positions frequently ask for a degree in management, economics, or marketing, or an equivalent level of relevant experience.

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