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Mining Industry


Australian government revenue, high-paying jobs, investment, and exports are all significantly influenced by the mining industry.

The mining industry directly employs 240,000 people, and the mining and mining equipment, technology, and services (METS) industries collectively account for 1.1 million direct and indirect jobs.

An increase in the mining sector’s GDP has enabled it to expand its workforce while upholding stringent health and safety regulations that have safeguarded individuals in workplaces and communities across Australia.

Numerous regional businesses and the employees who work for them throughout Australia receive support from mining firms, and these businesses in turn support the sector.

It can be quite challenging to pave your way into the mining industry, especially without any prior training or credentials. When applying for mining employment, you must be patient and persistent. 

If you are qualified in engineering, geology, or construction, getting a job on a mining site should be much simpler for you than it is for most individuals. Additionally, you might find it simpler to work in the mines if you have a trade than if you don’t.

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