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Logistics & Transport


The logistics and transportation industry is a large and diverse industry. It includes firms that offer logistical services, such as warehousing and transport planning and management, as well as specialized passenger and goods transport companies that operate a variety of various vehicle types (cars, vans, trucks, trains, aircraft, and ships). It also includes businesses that offer associated services including packing, material processing, distribution, and storage.

The logistics and transportation industry is a crucial component of the economy that supports the manufacturing sector and facilitates the movement of people and products globally. The Logistics and Transport industry offers a wide range of employment options, including entry-level jobs that are open to those with no prior experience and offer on-the-job training. 

Specific training, such as that in transportation engineering, engineering management, or production and logistics, may be required for more senior roles and activities that involve duties like the design, management, and optimization of production, logistics, and supply chain networks.

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