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The legal industry includes all occupations associated with the law and the judicial system. Including attorneys, judges, magistrates, notaries, and legal consultants. It also includes specialists in various legal fields, such as commercial, industrial, company, tax, and other law-related fields.

The legal profession and its specialists are involved in understanding the law and ensuring that it is applied correctly in practical situations. They frequently have to settle conflicts and disagreements that come up in all areas of human endeavour.

Legal counsel may be sought from an attorney to deal with a faulty product, represent a fraud victim, settle a real estate dispute, draft a will, assist with the incorporation of a new company, or defend a client from legal action.

Legal professionals typically specialize in one particular area of law due to the very vast nature of the legal industry. For example, administrative law, criminal law, trial law, environmental law, commercial law, town planning law, labour law, or international law.

Typically, job postings for the legal industry state that applicants must possess at least a law degree in addition to the necessary training and certifications. Nevertheless, the industry does present opportunities at all levels, including for those without a degree, mostly in jobs like legal secretaries or administrative support roles.

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