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Human Resource


All of the professions involved in overseeing the staff of a business or organization fall under the umbrella of the human resources (HR) industry. Human resources specialists are involved in all facets of people management, including hiring, training, career development, payroll management, contract negotiations, setting contractual terms, promotions, and terminations.

HR experts are mostly employed by two sorts of businesses: those having an internal HR department and those that offer specialized HR consulting services.

The first group consists of medium-sized and large-sized national and multinational companies that operate in every industry, in both the public and private sectors, as well as in industries such as manufacturing, sales, trading, banking and insurance, services, and public institutions and agencies.

Most HR professionals hold a degree from an accredited university in a humanistic field like psychology, sociology, or human resources management.

However, some technical occupations, like payroll administrator or human resources consultant, may call for specialized training, like a degree in labour law or business and accounting.

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