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The engineering industry is integral to the growth of the Australian economy and ecosystem. Engineers have historically worked in a variety of fields, including chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural. The number of specialized subgroups in engineering has increased significantly in recent years. 

Some examples are biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, environmental engineering, agricultural engineering, and software engineering. Both these groupings and the jobs available for engineers are expanding.

After graduation, there are numerous intriguing and varied employment opportunities in the engineering sector. The vast majority of companies in this sector are small to medium-sized enterprises. You must research the industry in which you want to work.

The state of Queensland is home to more than one-third of boat repair and construction businesses, and South Australia currently has a contract with the Department of Defence to construct navy ships and submarines.

All areas of the sector are experiencing a skills gap, but trade and technician worker positions are most affected. A pre-apprenticeship may be required by some businesses in the engineering sectors before accepting an apprentice.

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