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Australian education & training industry is renowned for being of the highest caliber, and it has grown to become a $20 billion export industry that draws students from all over the world. Teachers from elementary, primary, and high schools are included in the education and training industry, as well as academics and university personnel, TAFE instructors, and a variety of professionals in administrative and support positions. 

Teachers (including primary, secondary, and tertiary educators) and other professionals make up the majority of those working in the education and training industry (including administrative and support roles)

In general, there are four types of jobs in the education industry: those in the public education system, those in the private school system, support roles (administrative, managerial, etc.) in educational organizations, and academic positions.

You must fulfill the academic criteria set forth by your state to be employed as a teacher. Typically, this entails enrolling in a postgraduate Master of Education program or finishing a suitable Bachelor’s degree, both of which typically takes four years.

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