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A wide variety of organizations supporting social and economic inclusion in the community are included in the Community Services Industry in Australia. As diverse as the people and communities we help, our industry is. Among the many organizations at the centre of the community services sector are:

  • Small, medium-sized, and large companies
  • Place-based, issue-based, and multi-portfolio organizations that operate locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally
  • Large organizations with many programs working on local community development

The production of positive change in the lives of people and communities, especially the most vulnerable, is the motivating theme throughout the community service and development industry in Australia. 

A passionate and committed workforce that values making a positive difference in people’s lives and communities is attracted to this industry. You must have an innate enthusiasm for assisting those in need if you want to have a successful career in the community services sector. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills are also highly sought because you might frequently interact with people who have different physical, social, and emotional requirements.

You will need to determine the nature and severity of their problems, offer the proper help, and monitor and report on their development as you go. People should also be able to cultivate favourable, amicable relationships because this sector is very people-oriented.

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