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Consulting & strategy in Australia is one of the most popular fields and offers a diverse range of roles for many people. Businesses and the government hire consultants & strategists as problem solvers when they have a challenge that is too complex or would require too many resources for internal staff to handle.

Most people outside the field are clueless about the hidden world of consulting and strategy in Australia, but those who are knowledgeable about it recognize the joy of tackling challenging problems that actually affect organizations and people and providing direction for the future.

Government, business, and not-for-profit organizations all seek the advice of consulting firms on a variety of topics, including technology, policy, marketing, and strategy, as well as people, pricing, and goods. A consultant or team will typically be hired to advise a senior decision-maker whose staff is too busy to think about long-term strategy or whose problem is too complex and outside the expertise of the individuals assigned to solve it.

Traditional consulting & strategy businesses constantly recruit and have a steady intake each year. With more companies needing help navigating constantly altering business models brought on by the digital revolution, management consulting as a whole is predicted to develop very substantially.

On the other hand, while traditional consulting & strategy firms have in certain cases reigned for almost a century, transactional and freelance consulting services are gaining ground in the market. These three platforms are Wikistrat, HourlyNerd, and Australian-based Expert360, with Wikistrat claiming to be crowdsourced.

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