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The building, remodelling, redevelopment, and maintenance of buildings and other structures fall under the umbrella of the construction industry in Australia, which includes a diverse range of professions and vocations.

A wide range of other more specialized roles, from heavy equipment operators who carry out earthworks and excavations (a key phase when preparing construction sites and laying foundations) all the way up to the professionals responsible for building finishing work, are included among the construction sector professionals. These workers and labourers are involved in laying foundations, erecting structural frameworks, building walls, and installing floors and coverings.

Residential construction (such as houses and apartments), institutional construction (such as schools, hospitals, and other public buildings), commercial construction (such as stores, offices, and warehouses), and industrial construction are some of the various areas of activity that make up the construction industry (manufacturing facilities and power plants).

The industry also involves building and maintaining national infrastructures, such as highways, railroads, bridges, and power plants, as well as urban infrastructures, such as water supply, sewage, and drainage systems, power networks, and roadways.

The construction industry in Australia offers a wide range of employment opportunities, from entry-level positions that typically require basic building and construction qualifications followed by on-the-job training to positions requiring more extensive experience, knowledge of particular construction methods, the ability to manage work teams, and coordination of activities on the job site.

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