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Banking & Financial Services


Banking & financial services in Australia encompasses a variety of expert activities connected to financial operations of all kinds. These activities include lending, trading on financial markets, asset management, and financial consultancy services, as well as service-related activities like investment planning and management (including investments in insurance).

From cashiers and bank clerks to highly specialized positions like financial analysts, traders, portfolio managers, credit risk analysts, private bankers, financial promoters, and investment advisors, there are employment prospects in the banking & financial services in Australia.

Australia is well-positioned as a hub for the Asia-Pacific region and boasts a sophisticated financial services industry. Deep and liquid financial markets, as well as regional leadership in investment management and related fields like infrastructure financing and structured products, serve as examples of this. A required retirement savings program, a highly skilled and multilingual workforce, and cutting-edge business infrastructure all contribute to the financial services industry’s strength.

The finance sector employs a wide range of specialists and consultants who provide specialized financial consultation services, such as asset management advice or guidance on the usage of software and applications for the financial industry.

A degree in Economics, Business Management, or Statistics is normally necessary for a career in the financial sector, ideally with some type of specialized financial qualification or training.

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