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The agricultural industry encompasses all positions related to the production of plants and animals, silviculture (i.e., the cultivation and growth of trees), fishing, and fish farming, as well as all positions associated with the processing of agricultural products.

So, in addition to farmers and breeders, agronomists, botanists, farm labourers, and nursery workers also fall under the category of agriculture.

The agricultural industry needs a variety of talents; some require manual labour and proficiency with certain agricultural tools, equipment, and machinery, while others call for technical and academic expertise (for example in Agronomy, Animal Husbandry or Botany).

Both temporary and permanent employees operate in the agricultural sector. The majority of temporary (or casual) workers are seasonal farmworkers hired to specifically deal with peak workloads, such as for picking fruit and vegetables or during the grape harvesting season. 

Permanent workers, on the other hand, are employed primarily in activities related to the day-to-day running of farms, livestock holdings, and food processing plants, as well as in agritech research and development.

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