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Administration & Office Support


All of the organizational and financial operations necessary to manage a company or other organization are included in the administration sector in Australia. Various functionaries, managers, directors, and board members are in charge of a company’s general operations, as well as those whose job it is to keep an office running smoothly and efficiently, such as secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, payroll operators, data entry clerks, and office managers, all perform administrative tasks.

Depending on their position within the firm, those who work in administration in Australia may be responsible for a variety of different tasks. For example, they can be in charge of maintaining and filing firm paperwork, producing business communication or entering data.

Finally, individuals in managerial roles within an organization’s administration division may be in charge of the department’s administrative and accounting procedures, management controls, and financial reporting systems.

Depending on the position, the administrative profession has a wide range of educational and training requirements. For managerial employment, a bachelor’s degree (for example, in Economics, Law, or Political Science) or master’s degree is likely to be necessary, as well as in-depth knowledge of the industry the company operates. For entry-level positions, some sort of school-leaving qualification may be acceptable.

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