Can International students pay their fees while staying in Australia?

A lot of International Students have a MISCONCEPTION, that paying university fees while they are studying in Australia is a cakewalk. No matter which university you are studying in, paying university tuition fees while you are studying in Australia is extremely hard.

Here are 3 reasons why

40 hours a fortnight – Limitation in working hours

The Australian government allows international students to work for 40 hours a fortnight. This helps international students make enough money to manage their monthly expenses but it is extremely hard for a student to save enough money that they would be able to pay their fees.

For example,
If an international student is making $25 an hour and work for 80 hours in a month, they end up making around $2,000 a month. On average monthly expenses for international students vary between $800-$1400 a month. Which leaves them with a savings of nearly $1,000. Even if international students work for all six months, saving $15,000 for a semester becomes an impossible task.

Possible exploitation

One of the first things that international students want when they come to Australia is a part-time job. Looking at the number of international students and available jobs, a lot of business owners employe international students but do not pay the minimum wage. The minimum wage in Australia is just above $19 Australian dollars an hour but there has been cases where business owners were only paying $12 or $15 per hour. Moreover, they allow these students to work over 40 hours a fortnight so that students can make more money but it comes at a cost.

Compromising on Education

Unless you get an extremely high paying job which is very rare, the only way to make enough money to pay your fees is to work over 40 hours a fortnight. In working over 40 hours a fortnight, you are not only breaching your student visa conditions but also you are compromising on your education. It is important to focus on your education because that is going to be a stepping stone for students to get a good job in their field.

Moreover in Australian Universities, if a student fails a subject, they have to study the whole subject again. Meaning, paying the fees for that subject again. Usually, it would cost couple of thousand dollars.

There are international students who work insanely hard, do extra hours or find high paying jobs and pay their fees but this is extremely rare and if someone is telling you with a lot of confidence that you would be able to pay your fees easily, while you are an international student in Australia, That’s total BS.