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Millions of students flock to the shores of Australia every year, with the dream of studying in some of the finest educational institutes in the country. Australia is currently the third most popular country in the English-speaking world for overseas students, after the US and the UK. Globally ranked universities, a friendly environment, diversity of courses in Australia along with the affordable cost of living make the country a popular destination for International Students.  If you are among the many international students, we are here to guide you as you embark on your new journey in Australia.

The Australian lifestyle has been a subject of envy across the globe especially since it ranks high in The Quality Of Life Index in the world. The relaxed culture of the country enables the citizens to achieve the ideal work-life balance. The magnificent landscapes, a welcoming and friendly society along with a diverse community make Australia a paradise on Earth. As compared to countries like the UK and the USA, Australia also offers easier passage to a permanent residence which makes it more attractive for migrants and International students. If you are considering living in Australia, we are here to help you through every step!

The high quality of life also makes the country a popular destination for Australia international students. Working in Australia comes with the perks of higher pay scales and shorter work hours. Moreover, there is a vacuum of skilled workers in various fields which makes the country the ideal place for people with an advanced set of skills. In addition to this, Australia has a thriving economy, which enables the government to offer the highest wage rates (21 dollars/hour)  and a lower rate of unemployment across the country. Discover how to begin your work life in Australia with the help of our detailed blogs.

From the vibrant and bustling life of Sydney to the beautiful horizons of the Gold Coast, Australian students can discover the country’s natural beauty and stumble upon a treasure trove of experiences. A paradise for travellers, the country offers a plethora of activities which you can look forward to. Drive to the snowy mountains on the weekend or spend a day amid wildlife. We are here to be your guide to discovering the best in Australia.

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