On-campus Vs. Off-campus Student Accommodation in Australia

Students who plan to study abroad should infallibly concentrate on accommodation. Also, choosing the right destination for higher education is the initial step to success. Several countries are competing in terms of higher education. The competition can be in terms of various parameters like 

  • Quality of education
  • Accommodation 
  • Food
  • Cleanliness
  • Cost of living

In the past years, Australia has been the prime target of international students for their higher education. 

How is on-campus accommodation different from off-campus accommodation?

On-campus accommodation is where the students who acquire a seat in a particular university will get an opportunity to stay in the university hostel itself. 

On the other side of the spectrum, we have off-campus student accommodation where the students will live in private housing or hostels.

This is the primary difference between the on-campus and off-campus accommodation. 

Is Off-Campus accommodation better compared to On-campus accommodation for international students? 

Acquiring a student room in the university itself is like a great victory for the students. Nevertheless, not all students are fortunate as the on-campus student dorms have limited seats. There are a few private student accommodation centres that assist students who miss acquiring accommodation on campus.

Based on various speculations and analysis of several surveys, we’re sure that students look for certain aspects and judge the private housings according to their requirements and expectations.

Listing a few of them, we find the following:

  1. Cost of living 
  2. Social life or friends 
  3. Communal facilities
  4. Food
  5. Surroundings

Now let’s continue our previous discussion on the benefits of living in private housing rather than choosing the university premises. 

Cost of living

Living abroad isn’t an easy task. The students have to manage their expenses and enjoy their life. Many universities provide accommodation to students at the rate of AU$‎110 to AU$‎280 per week, which is a pretty massive sum for a student. On the other hand, private housing assists students by providing accommodation at AU$‎90 to AU$‎150 per week. Apart from the accommodation costs, other expenses like food, stationery, emergency kits, etc., will all add up to around AU$‎140 to AU$‎280 per week. Additionally, there are phone bills and internet bills of AU$‎15 to AU$‎30 per week.

Social life or friends

Generally, living in a university hostel means to follow strict rules. Students who wish to have a private social life with their friends can live in private student properties. Having a kitty party with friends and chit-chatting with each other late at night can help students rejuvenate after a tiring day. It might become a bit difficult if the students prefer on-campus accommodation.

Communal facilities

On-campus accommodation usually has specific guidelines and rules- each hostel room should have around 3-4 members. However, people who prefer privacy can feel uncomfortable with the presence of other students in their room. Such problems can be avoided by choosing suitable private student rooms near one’s university campus.


We bet that many students love eating outside. Students who love to explore various delicious dishes will come across a few restrictions when living on campus. However, if a student prefers living in private rented homes, they will enjoy tasting the various delicious dishes. Also, one can enjoy their moments while tasting the different cuisines of that locality.


Outings are what many students crave. The studies might be boring at some point, but one can replenish their soul by visiting a few monuments or any sceneries around them. Such dreams of having a perfect outing with their friends and surprise parties will come true only when they live in private student homes. 

Let us extend our discussion to some of the most popular places in Australia. 

Here are a few beautiful places and also the most popular places for student accommodation in Australia. Considering Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth, we must appreciate the glory of the towns. 


The city of Adelaide is famous for the various business cultures found around it. Also, the students who wish to start up their careers can choose Adelaide for better job opportunities and discover wonders as part of their professional lives.

Cost of living

The living cost is moderate in Adelaide, where the students can also enjoy off-campus accommodation at low prices. The students who live in Adelaide need around AU$‎1,300/month to meet their expenses. These expenses may include food, accommodation, phone bills, etc.

Physical Facilities

The facilities like shared bedrooms or individual housings are also available based on the interest of the students.


The food at accommodation is healthy to eat, and of course, the students can have a variety of menu each day.

Rules and Regulations

The rules of private student accommodation differ as per the availability and the schemes of the accommodation centre.


Brisbane is also known as Queensland, which is the sunshine state of Australia. The students are always attracted to Brisbane territory because of its climatic conditions and economy.

Cost of living

Students living in Brisbane city’s daily expenses are between AU$‎1,400/month, which includes groceries, to enjoy fast food, etc.

The students can find the groceries from the local supermarkets, and that will add up to AU$500-AU$1000/month.


Brisbane is a famous city for various cuisines and is the perfect place for the students who love to taste delicious dishes of all times.


Students can visit beaches and parks as part of their outings since the weather conditions are pretty neat, so the students can use this opportunity to explore the nearby places around them.


Melbourne is a city that is a worldwide famous study destination. The city of Melbourne is like an infant that is still improving in terms of population and advancements. 

Cost of Living

A student who lives in Melbourne will take their time in exploring the various shopping malls. Students having a budget of AU$‎1,500/month can live comfortably in Melbourne. The private accommodation available in this city is quite affordable and is comfortable to live in as it contains many facilities. They cost around AU$380-AU$850/month based on the rooms, whether they are shared or individually.


Melbourne is a city with low crime rates. Therefore, the students who wish to get exposure to the world and study can choose this place for their higher studies.


Perth is a city that provides students with the opportunity to show up their startup skills. Also, this is the ideal place for students interested in marketing, sales, and startups.

Cost of living

Perth is the ideal place for people who wish to support the idea of savings every week. The students should take measures and plan accordingly such that they need around AU$‎1500/month. The private accommodation situated here is quite reasonable and affordable. The students can do for the shared or individual type of housing based on their interest. Private housing can be an add-on to their monthly savings.


Perth’s city is famous for its various beaches as it covers thousands of miles of Indian Ocean water. So students can plan accordingly and visit the coasts as part of their schedule. For outings and surprise parties, Perth is the perfect place. 

Rules and regulations

Perth is the city with the utmost priority to safety. So usually, the students who are living in Perth will undergo the rules and regulations. 


Sydney is one of the prominent names and cities of the globe. As a student, one hears this name quite commonly. It is also a prominent place because if it’s a sunny and warm climate. 

Cost of Living

Many students who live around the university campus can live comfortably with around AU$‎1,900/month. The roommates can share their expenses to save money for future needs. The expenses for food, internet bill, clothing, etc., will be around AU$200-AU$1000/month.


We’re acquainted with the global rankings of Sydney because of the fun places and several holiday spots. All these additional features will help the students in having fun in their free time. Going for an outing on a warm and sunny day will help you create various memories with your friends.  

On summing up, we can speculate that Australia is a unique place that motivates and supports students for higher education in every possible way. The students need to analyze and compare the facts and make the decision accordingly.