Have you ever wondered how to use Melbourne’s public transport system and that MYKI card, well Internash is going to show you how to ace the Melbourne public transport system for train, buses and trams.
If you want to travel in Melbourne on the public transport all you need is one card, the MYKI card. You can use this to travel on the trams, buses and the trains!
You can purchase these from any 7-eleven, some post offices and at any of the train stations where PTV have either a vending machine (where you also top up) or manned booths (kisok’s) during daylight/opening hours.
Your MYKI card will cost $6.00 AUD and you have two top-up options

Difference Between the Top Up Options

1.) MYKI Pass is ideal for those who travel often, with MYKI Pass you can travel unlimited for the amount of days you purchase (from 7 days, 28 days and 365 days). The cost of a 28 day pass is $145.04 (as at February 2018) and if you travel at least 5 days per week the MYKI pass works out a lot cheaper at $5.18 AUD per day over 28 days, where as MYKI Money costs up to $8.60 AUD per return trip.
2.) MYKI Money is for those who don’t travel often. There’s a maximum daily cap of $8.60 AUD no matter how many trams, trains or buses you travel on within that particular day. So, if you travel more than 4 days per week this is going to be a cheaper option than MYKI Pass, however if you travel 5-7 days per week opt for MYKI Pass as MYKI Money could cost you in excess of $172.00 AUD within 28 days travel! Know your schedule and choose accordingly.
One thing to note, if you buy MYKI Money and realise you need to purchase MYKI Pass it’s easy to change by topping up at a MYKI Kiosk or Vending Machine. This won’t cost you anything to change from Money to Pass, and if you’ve still got MYKI Money remaining this will stay on your card until you run out of MYKI Pass or your card expires – which ever comes first.
Now you’ve got your MYKI card and you’ve topped up it’s time to travel! Don’t forget to touch on every time you enter a train station or when you jump on the tram or the bus because if a PTV officer catches you for not touching on they will fine you on the spot $238.00 AUD and nobody wants that!

Touch Off!

When you are traveling on trains and buses don’t forget to touch off to avoid being charged a “default” fare if you’re using MYKI Money this is the daily cap of $8.60 AUD. However with trams you don’t actually have to touch off and in the city there is a free tram zone which is amazing! You don’t have to touch on or off and you don’t even need your MYKI if you don’t plan on leaving the city.


Another handy tip is to download the PTV app as you can check bus, tram and train timetables. You can also plan your journey and set reminders, personally I use this every single day as sometimes its even more up-to-date than the actual schedules displayed at the stations.

Night Services

Now, if you’re going out during the week Sunday through to Thursday just keep in mind that at midnight all the public transport stops running until five o’clock in the morning so you don’t want to get stranded. However, Friday and Saturday night it’s running 24 hours a day (usually a train every hours after midnight depending on your line) so you’ll definitely be able to get home after a big night out.


Register your MYKI card on the MYKI website if you’re going to be here for some time because if you lose that MYKI card you lose the money on it. If you register online then  PTV they can just transfer that money over to a new card you buy from their manned kiosks. The website has an option to manually top up or organise automatic top ups when your card reaches a low balance which is really handy if you’re anything like me and constantly forgetting to top up my MYKI money every 28 days.
I hope these tips were helpful! Comment below if you have any questions, or tell us how you’ve found the Melbourne transport system since traveling around the city and surrounds