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Education And Living Costs In Australia


Australia is a popular destination for people to migrate. The excellent quality of education, the safe environment, and the multicultural setting works like a magnet for people from all across the world. However, costs in Australia can be a bit on the higher side depending on where you live or where you study in Australia. 

The typical monthly living cost in Australia for international students ranges between AUD 1,400 and AUD 2,500 and includes all expenses like food, lodging, social activities, utilities, and so on. Some of the priciest cosmopolitan cities in Australia include Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

To give you a more comprehensive idea of costs in Australia, we have done the research about costs of living and studying for you.

Cost Of Studying In Australia 

The biggest chunk of the study abroad Australia budget is spent on tuition. The specifics depend on the university, the area, and the program you have chosen to enroll in. Keep reading to know the cost of study in Australia

1) Tuition fees in Australia

The average annual tuition for bachelor’s degrees ranges from AUD 20,000 to AUD 45,000, while the cost of master’s and doctorate programs is between AUD 20,000 and AUD 50,000

For a medical degree, a Master of Business Administration, and other professional degrees, the tuition is quite expensive. A student who applies for a scholarship will either pay less or have their entire degree subsidized, saving them money.

Here are some of the universities in Australia which are affordable for most international students: 

Flinders University  10,350 AUD/year
IPAG Business School 13,000 AUD/year
University of Wollongong 18,800 AUD/year
The University of New England 19,100 AUD/year
Victoria University 21,800 AUD/year

Apart from the tuition fees, international students also need to calculate the cost of a student visa in Australia, the immigration costs, and the cost of books. 

2) Scholarships in Australia 

The study costs in Australia can be massively reduced with the help of scholarships. Students from other countries who desire to study in Australia have access to a wide variety of scholarships and incentives. The Australian Government, universities, and other public or private organizations are a few of the major suppliers.

Although the requirements for applying to vary depending on the scholarship source, most chances for financial help are open to all international students. 

Cost Of Living In Australia 

Are you curious about the minimal living cost in Australia for international students? Here’s how to calculate the average threshold by factoring in the cost in Australia’s high-cost and low-cost cities. When determining the actual expenditures for which you must make provisions, this list of products with costs will be of great use to you:


1) Rent in Australia 

Depending on the area and setting a student chooses, several accommodations are available. In comparison to more urban locations like Sydney, the more rural areas in the western and northern Australian states are less expensive.

Furthermore, a student’s cost of living in Australia differs depending on whether they choose to live on or off campus. A student would typically pay between AUD 440 to 1,100/month for the former, compared to AUD 380 to 850 for a shared rental.

2) Food in Australia

Food cost in Australia is again a factor that can vary depending on the lifestyle you live. Local supermarkets supply groceries, which typically cost between 500 and 1,000 AUD per month. Although shopping at discount supermarkets like Aldi, Coles, and Woolworths can help you save some money.

A three-course (meal for 2) costs 80 AUD, while the average cost of a meal in a budget restaurant is 18 AUD. If you prefer, you can also choose from a variety of Asian, Greek, and Italian eateries.

3) Transportation in Australia 

Some colleges offer a private transportation provider that assists students who live on campus or who need to travel to remote locations.

You may be eligible for further discounts through state programs run by Queensland, South Australia, or Victoria, depending on where you live). Otherwise, a monthly student transit pass ranges in price from 30 to 70 AUD, depending on the city. A bicycle can be used to get about as well. One can be rented for approximately 40 AUD per day.

Monthly Expenses for international student in Australia