Interested to know when will Australia open borders for International Students? We have you covered.


Whether you are an international student in Australia or someone who is planning to come to Australia, all of us, cannot wait for borders to open up. Trust me, I have not seen my friends and family in more than a year and I cannot wait for borders to reopen so that I cannot go and visit them. 

A lot of international students are waiting to come to Australia and there has been so much back and forth about when the borders are opening. First, we thought the borders were opening in July and then August and then September and none of the pilot projects has taken place. In this article, we have compiled all the information we know about reopening the borders and we are going to tell you what exactly is happening with opening the borders for international students in Australia. 

Back in May and June, the Prime Minister of Australia had introduced a plan where step 3 was for international students to come back to Australia. As a part of that plan, ACT was going to have uptown 350 international students from different countries as a pilot project

“Issues of International students, you will note that it does come in the third step of the plan. That is a possibility” – Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia 

In June and July, we saw the second wave of international students primarily in Melbourne, Victoria. That was the reason why all the pilot projects were halted. In fact, the majority of states had locked their borders and that’s why we could not travel from one state to another. 

In late August, the South Australian government had announced that they will allow unto 300 international students to enter in Adelaide, South Australia in the month of September. That has not happened yet. 

The good news is, it looks like the second wave is under control. As of 26/09/2020, there were only 17 new cases of coronavirus in Australia out of which 12 were from Victoria. Moreover, Melbourne, which was under stage four restrictions, is easing its restrictions so now people are able to visit their friends and travel further. 

The next news we have on reopening the borders is of early January. One of the ministers in NSW recently announced that they would like to have international students in early 2021. That is the soonest we think we will see international students coming to Australia. 

Here’s what we think when the borders are going to open up and WHY! 

  1. International students boost the economy – International education is the largest service export for Australia that brings in nearly 40 billion dollars and creates nearly 250,000 jobs. Australia has already entered into recession and that is the reason it is very important for the country to create more jobs. 
  2. Quarantine & Testing requirements are in place – In the last couple of months, a lot of Australian citizens has flown from different countries to Australia. Which means the majority of the states have a system in place. Different state governments have made it mandatory for all the people flying from abroad to stay in Hotel Quarantine and do COVID tests multiple times during their first 14 days in the country. 

That’s why we think that if international students are allowed to fly in the month of  January, February and March of 2021, Australia is well equipped to deal with that situation. 

We have already established how important it is for the economy to have international students. We are quite optimistic and we believe that multiple pilots should run during early 2021 for international students to come to Australia and by July 2021 international students should be able to fly in Australia easily. 

When do you think the borders will open up, write it in the comments section 🙂