GREAT NEWS | Pilot project for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS to return to AUSTRALIA | Internash

In this video, we have done research based on multiple articles and news from the government as to when can international students return to Australia, how many international students will be allowed to come in Australia, what are the quarantine measures for these international students and who are going to bear the expenses for them.

International students can finally return to Australia starting from the month of July. There are thousands of international students who could not return to Australia due to coronavirus and just like other countries Australia had locked its borders.

Finally, Australian government has announced that the Pilot project will be executed for international students who wish to return to Australia. The federal government in Australia had asked states for proposals on how they wish to handle and execute this project and the first states to allow international students are Australian Capital Territory and South Australia.

Up to 350 international students will be allowed to enter Australia, specifically the Australian Capital Territory in the month of July. South Australian government has also proposed to allow up to 800 international students to return to Australia.