COVID19 STRUGGLES of international students | STUDY IN AUSTRALIA

Whether you are a student who wants to come to Australia to study or you are an international student who recently came to Australia coronavirus has affected everyone differently. It is extremely worrisome for those international students who are studying in their last year or last semester because it is predicted that the economy might go in recession due to covid19.

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In this video Devarshi Desai has tried to explain how differently Coronavirus has affected international students who are at different stages of their journey in Australia. There are also some tips and suggestions given in this video for international students who struggling and how they can make the most of their time in Australia till the Coronavirus situation becomes better and things get to normal. Questions like what should international students do if they have admit from a university but cannot travel because of lockdown, how to get a job during COVID19 situation and how to upskill yourself during this pandemic are answered in this video.