Target the right audience at the right time.

International students are very captive market and you need to advertise right product or services at the right time to them. We know how to do that.

Why advertise with us?

Strong Digital Presence

We have a strong presence across various digital channels like web, search engines, socials, emails etc,

Easy Process

Set up process for advertising with us is pretty easy. We can send you a proposal and get you started within 48 hours.

Competitive Rates

Our advertising prices are industry competitive and we believe in providing value for money to your business.

How we help your business?

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Engaging New Customers
  • Increasing more sign ups
  • Capturing more qualified lead
  • More brand visibility¬†
  • Better conversions

Overseas Students Guide

Our yearly guide with heaps of content for students and space for advertisers to show their products and services.

  • 5,000 copies printed & distributed
  • 4,000 E-book version downloads
  • 20,000 Landing page visits

Website Ads

Get more targeted conversions with our Website display advertisements. Done in a non-intrusive way.

  • 88,000 visitors (Last 52 weeks)
  • 204,000 Page views (Last 52 weeks)
  • 2:00 mins average time spent

Email newsletter ads

Send targeted offers, ads and promotion in our monthly newsletters with better than industry average open and click rates.

  • 4,500+ email subscribers
  • 25% to 37% Open rate
  • 4% to 10% Click rate

Guest Blog Posts

Write a guest blog post or let us write one for you and get all the traffic to your landing page or website.

  • Create unique content
  • Do-follow link to your website
  • Published within 7 days after completion

Video Sponsorships

Lets create a video for your business and get our audience to watch your content in the middle of our videos.

  • 100+ videos
  • 17,500+ subscribers
  • 850,000+ views