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A Guide To Student Accommodation In Australia

Australia, which is located in the Southern Hemisphere, has made a name for itself as a top choice for international students seeking higher education. The nation is a global leader in high-impact research and exemplary education. However, finding the right student accommodation in a nation has always been one of the main worries of students who want to study in Australia. 

Depending on their budget and lifestyle, students can choose from a wide choice of accommodation in Australia, including university accommodation and private housing options. In this article, we provide a detailed guide to student accommodation in Australia for international students.

Student Accommodation In Australia 

Even though finding student accommodation might seem like a straightforward task, there may be some difficulties encountered when trying to organize housing while abroad. Depending on what you are looking for in a university residence, there are a variety of student housing options available to you if you plan to study in Australia.

Finding student accommodation in Australia could become a little bit simpler, though, with a little preparation and the help of the following suggestions: 

1) Homestays in Australia

Average Cost: AUD 250 to AUD 400 (INR 13K to 21K) per week

One of the most cost-effective and accommodating forms of housing in Australia is homestay. Homestays are a cheap and excellent way to discover a new place and culture. International students are allowed to live with an Australian family and get basic necessities. For first-year students who might want additional direction and mentoring, this is a great option. If campus accommodation seems isolating, a homestay is the best option. 

In a homestay, you are given a furnished room, daily meals, and access to all necessary amenities. It might also involve pick-up at the airport. But always choose a homestay that has come highly recommended by a reliable source.

2) Residential colleges in Australia

Average Cost:  AUD 200 and AUD 750 (INR 10K-INR 40K) per week. 

The choice of residential colleges has always been a common student accommodation in Australia. The university accomodation always has an added benefit because they are practical possibilities for living in Australia and are located on or close to the campus. Transport costs drop significantly, and one gets to fully enjoy academic life.

3) Student apartments in Australia 

Average Cost: AUD 200 and AUD 500 (INR 10K and INR 26K) every week

Another well-liked option for student accommodation in Australia is specialized apartment buildings that can accommodate 100 to 140 students. There are alternatives for single or double rooms with communal bathrooms and kitchens, as well as rooms with beds that can accommodate four to five students. 

As an international student who has decided to study in Australia, this is a feasible option. The rent is relatively reasonable because several students share the units. . The apartments are fully equipped with all contemporary amenities, as well as 24-hour security and on-site staff.

4) Residence halls in Australia 

Average cost: AUD 320 (INR 17K) to AUD 1000 (INR 53K).

Residence halls are a type of student accommodation that is typically situated on or close to campus and is associated with or largely owned by educational institutions. It is a form of campus accommodation.

Depending on their budget, renters can choose between single bedrooms with shared amenities and apartment-style rooms with private kitchens and laundry rooms. Students typically have access to free internet in their dorms, and the utilities that are provided to them are typically included in their tuition. 


5) Hostels in Australia 

Average cost:  AUD 90 and AUD 150 (INR 4K- 8K) per week

Once you have gained your student visa for Australia, you can travel to various states, especially if your mode of study is remote or the university offers flexible attendance. In such cases, many students prefer to stay in hostels.  One of the most affordable housing options in Australia is a hostel.  In Australia, there are typically two types of hostel rooms available. There are traditional hostels and hostels for travelers. 

Hostels for travelers have a laid-back attitude and offer their residents a lively, comfortable environment. There are various service categories from which one might select. One can choose the basic services bundle or sign up for the special services.

On the other side, renowned lodging services are offered by traditional Australian hostels. Similar to backpacker hostels, traditional hostels offer a variety of services that a student can select from. Students receive fully equipped rooms as well as access to other shared amenities.

6) Apartments in Australia

Average cost: AUD 101 and AUD 500 (INR 5K-26K) per week

Since many students get uncomfortable around new people, you always have the option of choosing a private apartment if you don’t want to live in a campus accommodation that is shared by other students. But be sure to carefully read the rental agreement’s terms and restrictions. 

Private apartments can be on the expensive end. Students must pay for each utility separately and must provide their food, which might be challenging if they have a busy academic schedule. However, some private rentals do provide tenants the choice to share an apartment with friends. 

Australia is a beautiful country with beautiful people. No matter what type of student accommodation you choose, you will find yourself living in a comfortable and safe environment.

We suggest that you sort your accommodation out at least a month before your course commences. Once again, we hope this was a helpful article. For follow us on Instagram for infotainment content. 

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