7 Easy Steps Of The Australian PR Process

7 Easy Steps Of The Australian PR Process

Australia is the land of aspirations for many people. For a variety of reasons, skilled workers from all over the world choose Australia as their preferred immigration destination. Thousands of foreign citizens are encouraged to apply for an Australia PR visa to live a happy and comfortable life thanks to the nation’s strong economy, high standard of living, and potential work opportunities.

Many talented and skilled Indians who wish to secure a good salary and an excellent quality of life migrate to and work in Australia. Permanent Residency visas are one of the most desire legal methods of immigration in Australia. Any person considering moving to Australia should choose Australia PR because of its competitive, approachable, and flexible immigration laws.

In this article, we break down the 7 steps which will help you get an Australia PR without any hassle. Keep reading! 

Benefits of Australia PR 

Before we gain an insight into the steps of becoming a permanent resident in Australia, let’s understand why Australia PR can be beneficial for you: 

  • You are permitted to live, work, and study anywhere in Australia as a permanent resident
  • The visa enables you to utilize all government-funded health, medical, social, and other benefits
  • Your family members can be listed on the application
  • Travel to and from your own country is possible whenever you wish
  • Take advantage of free education for your kids, subject to age restrictions
  • You can apply for Australian citizenship

The Australian Permanent Residency Process in 7 Simple Steps:

Just the thought of documentation and filling out forms can be a nightmare for people. Applying for Australia PR is not a cakewalk, but, with the right guidance, the process can be simplified for those who wish to gain an Australia visa. Here are the 7 steps: 

1) Check if you are eligible

You must first assess whether you are qualified for an Australia PR. The points grid is used to evaluate candidates based on their age, employment history, education, and other characteristics. No matter the type of visa, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • The Skilled Occupation List must include your occupation
  • To apply, you must be under 45 years old
  • Reach a minimum of 65 points on the Australia PR points calculator
  • Meet the requirements for character and health
  • Have a reliable evaluation of your educational background and professional experience.
  • Possess a nomination from a state or territory government and possess an invitation to apply

2) Appear and clear an English proficiency test

Once you are sure that you are eligible to apply for Australia PR, the second step involves appearing for and clearing the English proficiency test.. Any of the three Language Proficiency Tests—IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE—can be taken. For applying for an Australia PR, each test has different score criteria:

  • IELTS score of 7 or above
  • TOEFL score of 25 or above
  • PTE score of 65 or above

3) Get your evaluation

The review of your educational background and professional certifications must come next in the process of immigrating to Australia. This is a mandatory step, even for Australia international students: 

  • Receive a “SkillSelect” evaluation.
  • Age, education, English proficiency, work experience, and a willingness to remain are all selection criteria.
  • The procedure costs about $ 2815 and takes 8 to 10 weeks (INR 2,07,203 approx.)

You must transmit your transcripts to the designated organization called Skill Select for your overseas education to be matched to its Australian equivalent in this phase. The Skill Select report must then be attached to your Expression of Interest (EOI).

4) Register your EOI

This is a crucial turning point in your Australian PR journey. You must submit an EOI through the Skill Select site. You let the Australian government know that you plan to apply for an Australian PR visa in this way. Your EOI will determine if you are asked to submit a visa application based on your English proficiency score, educational background, and job history.

While you study in Australia, try to gain clarity on the entire process before your study visa in Australia expires. 

EOI Registration Process on Skill Select:

  • Create a profile
  • Log in
  • Choose your visa category
  • Put your IELTS score here
  • Type in your educational background
  • Type in your Work History
  • Turn in your Declaration form

5) Wait for the invitation

Whew! The rollercoaster is over (almost). Once you’ve completed everything, relax and wait for your application invitation (ITA). An ITA is given to applicants with the highest Expression of Interest ranking. You need to only complete one more step after receiving your ITA to obtain your Australia PR.

6) Submit the application 

This is a pretty self-explanatory step. Once you receive the invitation to apply (ITA), you will have 60 days to submit your PR application. Hold on, you have almost made it mate!

7) Provide your health and character certificates

For the stamping of your visa, you will also need to present extra documents such as your clearance certificates and passport. This is the final step in the process of applying for Australia PR. Once done, you are all set for immigration to Australia. 

After completing these 7 steps, all that’s left is the preparation to live in Australia as a permanent resident. We hope this helped you to understand the process and here’s hoping that you receive your PR soon!

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