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Melbourne vs Sydney | Where Should International Students Study?

Australia, the land of multiple cultures, ethnicities, and opportunities, is a globally popular choice for International Students. However, there is always a constant battle between Sydney vs Melbourne, since both the cities have a lot to offer. 

Is Melbourne better than Sydney? Or is Sydney the ultimate destination to study in Australia? Well, that depends on multiple factors. Making a list of advantages and disadvantages while choosing between two options is the best approach.

 In the competition between Sydney vs Melbourne, we have already saved you the extra work by including details about the significant characteristics of both cities in this blog, including student life, weather, accommodations, etc

Sydney Vs MelbourneThe Better City For International Students

The state of New South Wales’ capital, Sydney, is situated on Australia’s east coast. Sydney has the most people per square mile in both Australia and Oceania. Sydney’s economy includes strengths in industry, tourism, and finance. It also goes by the names Emerald City and Harbour City and ranks among the top ten most livable cities in the world despite being one of the most costly.

Victoria, the most populated state in Australia, has Melbourne as its capital. Melbourne, which is ranked 23rd in the Global Financial Centres Index for 2021, is a major financial hub in the Asia-Pacific area. Melbourne was named the City of Literature by UNESCO in recognition of its theatre, live music venues, street art, and movies.

Cost Of Living

Whether you live in Sydney or Melbourne, International students will find that the cost of living in Australia is significantly high, even compared to the USA. Sydney and Melbourne are comparable to one another in terms of the price of food and drink. However, there are noticeable variances in housing costs. Melbourne rents are roughly 32% less expensive than Sydney rents

On-campus (including food and utilities)13.54 lakhs-27 lakhs per year13.18 lakhs-23 lakhs per year
Off-Campus 5.43 lakhs-13.94 lakhs per year7.53 lakhs-9.064 lakhs per year 
In Sharing 6.97 lakhs-20.9 lakhs per year4.88 lakhs-11.15 lakhs per year

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Student Life

For an international student, life in Sydney vs Melbourne can be an insight into two different aspects of Australia. According to the Qs Best Student Cities Ranking 2022, Sydney is the eighth most well-liked city for students. Many foreign students might find a home in Sydney as a city. Sydney has a very relaxed atmosphere despite being a busy city. It is a tranquil city that runs on a low level, with beaches and ports all around. You will observe as an international student that although each course emphasizes higher learning, the classroom environment is relaxed. 

In the Qs Best Student Cities Ranking 2022, Melbourne is ranked higher than Sydney at number six. Throughout the 2010s, Melbourne consistently ranked as the world’s most livable city. It is because of the multicultural population that Melbourne has become a familiar city for International students. Melbourne is a busy city and has better nightlife than Sydney with concerts, live music, theatre and clubs.

Is Melbourne better than Sydney? It depends on the kind of student life you aspire to have.


One of the reasons why studying in Australia is becoming popular is also due to the weather of the country. When thinking of Syndey vs Melbourne, the key point to remember is that international students can experience the best of both worlds in Australia. 

A sunny environment with cold winters and warm summers characterizes Sydney. Winter is from June to August, Spring is from September to November, Summer is from December to February, and Autumn is from March to May.

Melbourne’s weather may be erratic, with summer highs of 40°C and winter lows of occasionally 0°C. Winters are frequently accompanied by thunderstorms, hailstorms, and severe rainfall.

Top Universities For International Students

As international students, one of the biggest reasons why study in Australia is the quality of education. Selecting a university that offers the desired course and ranking is of primary importance. This is where the battle between Sydney vs Melbourne begins for international students. Here is a list of the top universities to provide you with better clarity.

Universities In SydneyUniversities In Melbourne
– The University of Sydney
– Macquarie University
– The University of New South Wales 
– Western Sydney University
– University of Melbourne
– Monash University
– RMIT University
– Deakin University
– LaTrobe University

Conclusively, both Melbourne and Sydney are a hotbed of opportunities and can prove to be a gateway to a better life for international students. We hope to have addressed all the key issues that a prospective student needs to consider before coming to study in Australia. If you need more help in choosing between Sydney vs Melbourne, the team at Internash is fully equipped to provide step-by-step guidance. 

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