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5 Mistakes International Students In Australia Make Often.

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Life as an Indian international student can be challenging at times. Yet it is one of those few experiences in life that help us realise and achieve our full potential and mould us into the best version of ourselves. Luckily, if you’ve chosen to study in Australia, you can rely on a large community of people who’ve done it all before to help you on your journey. While making mistakes is an integral part of the learning process, it’s always better to make our own mistakes than to repeat others’. From our own lessons as students who’ve studied abroad, we’ve identified five mistakes international students should avoid.

1. Enjoying the University Life Only Partly

Starting our life as an international student in Australia with a huge financial responsibility can be overwhelming and it’s only natural that we don’t want to put the pressure of our tuition fees and living expenses on our families. Due to this, we may end up getting a part-time job, and then another one, and then maybe some more freelance projects—juggling all of these with our full-time academics. While in theory, this may sound like a great plan, you may miss out on the very thing you set out to experience – the international student life.

2. Being Selective While Taking Up a Part-Time Job

In many South Asian cultures, it is still common for people to hesitate in taking up jobs that they consider “menial”, even if those would help them provide for themselves. While cultural differences are always going to be there, as Indian international students, we’ve been given a chance to shed the conditioning that limits us and the exposure to choose what’s best for us. So wipe that table clean and make that delivery in time, because once you get a professional job after you’re done with your studies, you’re going to look back on those very jobs that you hated at first as a humbling experience that has made you a better person today.

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3. Panicking When You Don’t Get a Job Right Away

When we are about to graduate, things start to get too real in terms of finding a job, especially as an international student in Australia with huge financial responsibilities. But the reality is that everything takes time and we have to try to be patient and trust the process. As fresh international graduates, we probably don’t have much experience in the field that we’re looking for a job in. Being a “fresher” does not mean that we’re never going to get a job because we most certainly always do. In fact, Australia’s unemployment rate falls at 3.5%, which is one of the lowest in the world. Try to approach this situation with more enthusiasm and planning, and much less stress. Weigh out the facts and evidence about your capabilities when you find yourself panicking or demotivated. Work hard and consistently and there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from getting the job you’re looking for and truly deserve.

4. Chasing Permanent Residency Without Much Thought

We all know someone who has taken up a course in carpentry or the automobile industry as an international student in Australia when they’ve studied technology or hospitality previously, just to get on an easy pathway to permanent residency. But let us tell you this – there are a lot of different pathways to a permanent residency for an international student without having to compromise on your true skills or passion. Each field is different and you’ve got to do your own research and choose the optimum path for yourself. Remember, you’re in it for the long haul, not just a permanent residency, so do what you really love and build a more fulfilling life for yourself.

5. Not Exploring the Country Enough

While there is nothing wrong with partying or going clubbing to blow off some steam, there’s more to what this new place has to offer you when you study in Australia. Try to save some money and use it to travel and explore the gorgeous landscapes and the ancient cultures of the country. You don’t need to splurge, you just need to travel like a backpacker – go camping, Couchsurf, and use public transportation. You’ll be surprised at how much you can explore at a considerably small cost. After all, travel is a great teacher and you can use these enriching experiences to enhance your life as an international student in Australia.

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