Do you feel that how to write a CV is a daunting task? Do you feel that your mind rambles and you blabber some exaggerated qualities which you cannot often explain on your CV? Are you constantly getting emails and replies which do not make you feel better?
Well, we at Melbourne Vibe have created a simple step by step blueprint for you to follow to get out there and get a job because your CV will speak for you. Or you can watch the full video here How to Write A CV or Resume, Melbourne Vibe

K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple, stupid!

While reading articles and journals for your research papers – do you look at it word by word? You would yawn and drop your head. Similarly, recruiters are bombarded with an influx of thousands and thousands of CVs and the simpler, crisp, shorter the CV is, the better. A maximum of three page – catering to a large amount of experience – but a standard two-page resume works best. Highlight the key words that are required for the job and focus on key selection criteria.

Section 1 – You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

Recruiters take a glance and absorb as much information as they can about you by looking at this section.
First section contains personal information, your contact details are a must, your DOB and a photo is not necessary on an Australian CV. Make sure you have a professional email address,’ here.

Section 2 – Personalize and Customize

This is a section where you insert a personal branding line where you tell why you should be hired and for what reason. Highlight briefly your work experience, other skill sets and use key words from the job advertisement. Give them a reason to think “Maybe this candidate will do well in our company”. Get a little ambitious and tell them where you see yourself in a few years’ time.

Section 3 – Transcripts and Covering up those Grades

This is the section where education comes into play. Where did you go to high school – those math quizzes you took – all the science projects.
Research papers, thesis, minors and courses you are currently pursuing.
Do not get overwhelmed and start explaining them – just a few bullet points highlighting the basic overview of these educational accomplishments.

Section 4 – What is your favorite position? CEO!

The glitter and glimmer starts here. All your internships, volunteering work, positions you have held and tasks you have completed come under this section. Try to again push the most recent ones on it and as discussed earlier if you have large amount of experiences let them run a little longer. This section helps recruiters gauge – how well would you fit in and will they need to train you for anything.

Section 5 – Qualities and skills

If you’re applying for technical roles these include abilities and knowledge you’ve gained to perform specific technical tasks or programs you’re fluent in. If you’re applying for business, marketing or sales roles these include things like communication skills, marketing and administration skills and research skills.

Section 6 – Well Joey said “You know those hobbies on my resume? I’d like some of them to be true!”

Extracurricular activities – interests and hobbies – be true to yourself. Recruiters may ask you a question on these too. So, if you do not remember the last book you read or if you do not have a favourite quote – do not add something random! Make sure to include your passions, languages spoken, soft skills, extra trainings, software you’re skilled in, or specialised and unusual skills.
References and networking should comply with your resume – highlight important people with their contact details in bold, who can verify your work and give validation to your achievement – now all of our Mums love us, but they have a biased opinion – teachers, mentors, seniors who are professionally working, give volume to your CV.
Here’s Sample CV for you to download and make your own ! DOWNLOAD Sample CV
We hope this makes writing a CV or Resume a little easier for the Australian job market! Leave a comment below if you have any questions about the Australian job market.
Happy Job Hunting!
(Author: Vedant Agarwal)