Coming to Australia as an International student or a Backpacker can be extremely exciting but at the same time very challenging. In this post we are going tell you how to find a job part time job in Australia and the best ways to ensure you get a job as an overseas student or backpacker, so you can start making some money while you are studying or travelling abroad.
The easiest jobs to get as a student or a traveler would be in the hospitality or retail industries. In Australia no matter which city you are in, there are various ways you can secure a job.

Apply on Job portals

There are various websites/job portals that can help you secure a job within the first couple of days of coming to the country. An important question to ask is what kind of job are you looking to do. Are you looking to find a job which is more professional i.e office or call centre jobs are posted on, and
Or are you are looking for a casual or part time job in hospitality, fundraising or a door-to-door marketing sales job you’ll find these listed on
Take note, with any job application be aware of scams! Watch our video about “How NOT to get Scammed in Australia”

Download Mobile Apps

These days almost everyone has a smart phone in their hand and applying for jobs have never been this easy before. You’re able to find a potential date by swiping right, and now you can get a job by swiping right too!
An application called Found is an example of swipe right and find a potential job. Update your CV, upload it to Found and get swiping.
Can applying be more easier?
Apart from Found there are also applications like Airtasker and Gumtree Jobs

Facebook groups

In today’s world Facebook has become an integral part of our life. Before most of us brew our morning coffee or brush our teeth we’re likely checking notifications or funny videos on facebook. Why not use it for your advantage?
There are various groups called Jobs in Sydney, Jobs for backpackers in Australia, Jobs for International Students in Australia or Jobs in Melbourne and so on.
Wherein a lot of employers keep posting jobs on regular basis, even if it is for a short term period but it can come very handy if you do not wish to commit for a long period in a job.

Hand out CVs

Another easy way to get a job is to print out your updated CV showing your work experience, internships and volunteer work. Hand these out to shops, restaurants and cafes which you’d like to work in. Ask the manager if they have any vacancy’s, it’s best to speak with a manager so you are provided the correct information and you know that when you hand over your CV it’s going into the correct hands.
Generally, in the hospitality industry, due to the high rush of backpackers or students, there is a high employee turnover and due to which they are always in search of good employees who not only they can rely on but also who can work hard and promote the business.


Job experience is one of the top priorities for employers in Australia and many of the international students coming to Australia are freshers and do not have any work experience or very minimal. In this case the easiest and most handy experience would be your work as a volunteer. There are events happening all across the year in all Universities and student body or universities are always in need of volunteers.
There are three main benefits for the same:
1. Improved communication skills
2. Networking – New connections
Also look out for various organisations which are associated with your Universities and keep your eye open to Job portals that almost all Universities have. Other places to search include Seek Volunteers and

Uber, Uber Eats

A lot of students coming to Australia find Uber Eats as one of the easiest ways to make money quickly. Uber Eats is a food delivery service app where a person has to pickup food from restaurants and deliver it to given address either using their own bicycle, two wheeler or car. Per delivery a delivery driver may get paid anywhere between $6 to $10 dollars depending on the distance covered and value of the order taken. People working for Uber Eats may earn up to $100 to $150 a day depending on your area of work, what times you choose to work and how many  hours you spend working. We recommend checking out the app as it will tell you “high” times and suburbs to deliver for the best monetary outcome. To apply you will need to attend one of their offices, provide photo ID minimum of 100 points and fill out a form. They will run a background verification check, and once you’ve been cleared you can start delivering food.
If you want to drive with Uber Taxi you need an Australian driving licence which you’ve held for a minimum of one year and your own car which is less than 10 years old. Uber require the same verification as above, you’ll need to organise an appointment with Uber to get verified. Once you are registered with Uber as a driver, you can make a lot of money via that too.
A huge plus of Uber and Uber Eats is that as long as you pass the verification stage there’s no official interview and you can work your own hours so you can fit this around University and other commitments such as internships and social events.
Don’t forget to get a Tax File Number and a bank account!
Once you have these you’re ready to go! Also, keep in mind that working “cash in hand” jobs are highly illegal and you can risk losing your Visa if you choose these types of jobs. We do not recommend this at all as your education and international exposure is the most important thing here. It might take some time to find a job, but you will find one! Stand your ground with employers, don’t let anyone make you do something you feel is incorrect (like working for cash in hand) and focus on your studies first and foremost if you’re a student.